Blackrock Expert Services is a specialist professional consultancy

Blackrock Expert Services Group provides expert, dispute resolution and advisory and discovery services to a global client base. ​We work across all industry sectors and provide a market leading service by virtue of our experience, education and training.

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    Blackrock Expert Services Group merges with Haberman Ilett, bringing market leading dispute related accountancy services to our clients.

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  • Queen’s Award Recipients

    Blackrock Expert Services has received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, for achieving outstanding short term growth in overseas sales over the last three years.

  • Problem Solvers

    Blackrock Expert Services's experts act diligently to systematically and comprehensively analyse the issues and provide robust advice and solutions.

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    Blackrock Expert Services understands the needs of our clients and works to provide the best possible service in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Global Reach

    Blackrock Expert Services operates on a global platform and we continue to provide services to clients all over the world.

  • Quality & Integrity

    Blackrock Expert Services is committed to setting and consistently meeting the highest possible standards.


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Greenfield Power Station

A large, greenfield, coal-fired power plant project.

Coal-fired Power Station

A coal-fired power plant project including power station buildings, administrative buildings, roads and a high-voltage yard.

Multi-purpose off-shore vessel

Expert reports for terminated deep-water offshore vessel fabrication contract.

Cambridge Guided Bus

Longstanding bus rapid transit scheme dispute settles after mediation.

Major Skyscraper

The Shard skyscraper, the tallest building in the UK.

African Roadway Megaproject

Critical path analysis of North African highway megaproject.

Town Centre Transportation Package

Roadway refurbishment undertaken on a live road network.

Retail & Commercial Premises

Retained facade redevelopment of a retail and commercial premises.

Hydropower Scheme

A run of river hydroelectric generating scheme.

Coal-fired Power Plant

A three unit, coal-fired power plant, with each unit of the plant comprising a circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler with a high pressure superheated steam capacity and a steam turbine generator.

Mail Centre

Building refurbishments on a mail centre, which was previously operated as one of the largest mail sorting centres in the world.

Listed Building Refurbishment

Project advisory for luxury Grade I listed building refurbishment.

International Airport Development

Development of a major international airport, including roads, runways, taxiways, aprons, utilities and buildings.

Single-storey Hospital

Favourable outcomes from expert delay analysis on community hospital.

Commercial Mix-use Development

Construction of a mixed-use development containing a hotel, apartments and a shopping mall.

Major Roadway

Construction of a major roadway, where key issues included: disputed measurement of bills; termination of the main contractor; and disputed variations.

Airport Maintenance Hangar

ICC arbitration settles iconic aircraft hangar facility dispute.

Modularised Hotel

Delay analysis helps resolve disruption issues on iconic modularised hotel.

Wind Farm

Sustainable wind farm delays resolved through adjudication.

Port Container Terminal

A three phase extension of a container terminal including construction of a new jetty and upgrading of the existing wharf, which was terminated.

Industrial Research Facility

Complex building envelope for a large petroleum research facility.

Urban Regeneration Project

Critical delay analysis of major city regeneration scheme.

Mixed-use Development

Refurbishment of a mixed-use development including a new central core refurbishment of 5 floors and construction of an additional floor, where the project experienced adverse ground conditions and partywall issues.

Combined Cycle Power Plant

A combined cycle electricity power plant and desalination facility.

Oil & Gas Processing Plant

High value construction project involving six initial production facilities to process crude oil, water and gas from wells on three different sites, to increase the oil production capacity of an oil field development.

Submicron Semiconductor Production Line

Extension to and construction of a new Submicron Semiconductor production line.

Medical & Research Centre

Expert support for ultra-modern medical and research megaproject.

Waste Water Plant

Construction of a waste water plant in the UK.

Mineral Processing Plant

Mineral processing plant on the site of an open-cut copper mine.

Gas Liquefaction Plant

A gas liquefaction plant where a dispute arose on a re-measurement contract.

Residential Development

Report on the reasonableness of the costs incurred in substantial residential building development.

International Airport MEP Works

Supply and installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) works to a major international airport, where key issues included:

Closed Cycle Power Plant

Delay issues resolved on West African thermal power plant expansion.

Art Gallery

Extension of an iconic art gallery with a complex facade.

On-shore Oil Tank Farm

Investigation of delays on Southern European oil tank farm.

High-end Residential Accommodation

Analysis of complex refurbishment of multi-story, city centre building.

Sewer Replacement

Quantum analysis on remedial works on a section of sewer.

Leisure & Youth Centre

Delay analysis for a leisure and youth centre development.

Television Studios

Structural steelwork issues resolved at new TV studio site.

Grade II Listed Building

Assessment of extension of time entitlement for the purpose of negotiations.

Commercial Mix-use Premises

Assessment of project management best practice on multi-storey building refurbishment.

Rail Project

Adjudication related to extension of time claim on the construction of a train maintenance depot.

Residential Development

Remediation works to fire and subsequently flood damaged residential development.

Airport Terminal & Links

Contract termination at greenfield airport terminal site in Eastern Africa.

Multi-storey City Centre Building

Refurbishment of multiple floors of an office building where design issues and logistics caused delay and disruption.

Biogas Plant

Advisory services for waste-to-energy facility feeding national grid.

Building Refurbishment

Appointed as Adjudicator in a dispute regarding breach of contract and payment of notified sums.

University District Development

Minimising project risks on ambitious UK university development scheme.

Mixed-use Skyscraper

Lengthy mixed-use skyscraper progress leads to works termination.

Open-pit Gold Mine

Detailed programme analysis for open-pit gold mine dispute.

Southern African Hydro Scheme

Quantum support for eco-friendly Southern African hydro scheme.

University Campus and Student Residence

MEP works at state-of-the-art university campus and student residence.

Major Oil Field Redevelopment

Review of delay methodology for major oil field redevelopment project.

LNG Terminal Jetty

Independent expert advice for LNG terminal jetty arbitration case.

Onshore Oil & Gas Field

Contract termination stalls early production of onshore oil and gas field.

Central Asian Skyscraper Complex

Baseline programme investigated for Central Asian skyscraper complex.

High-tech Data Centre

Integrated expert team determines critical delays on high-tech data centre.