Defect Remediation

Poor design and / or poor workmanship can lead to work being carried out that is not in accordance with the contract requirements. Our experts have provided expert witness services in relation to the cost of remedying defective works on projects ranging from museums to television studios.

Defect Remediation examples

  • Television Studios

    Defective steelwork discovered within a newly built television studios whilst the works on-site were being completed. Works had been procured on a Construction Management Basis with the Employer appointing each of the parties (design team, consultants and Trade Contractors) separately.

    Blackrock Expert Services was required to identify the actual critical path of the project, and the specific costs of each of the parties involved, that came as a result of the defective steelwork design issue. Through meetings with the Employer and their professional team and a thorough review of the correspondence disclosed, Blackrock Expert Services was able to trace applicable costs to the precise issue under a variety of heads of claim and avoided the use of ‘global assessments’ which would have otherwise not assisted the court.

  • Sewer Replacement

    Remedial works on a section of sewer owing to a concrete blockage which occurred when installing a retaining wall to protect nearby cliff side properties from rock falls.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to produce a quantity surveying independent expert report assessing the costs incurred as a result of sewer replacement works.

  • Residential Development

    Development comprising 18 new build luxury apartments, split between two blocks, where various design defects were alleged in both the roof and various balconies.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to investigate and report on the reasonableness of the costs incurred in repairing the alleged defects, as well as costing the alternative remedial works which had been suggested.

  • Waste Water Plant

    Construction of a waste water plant in the UK.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to assess the overrun of costs due to construction defects.