Construction Performance and Dispute Avoidance

If a problem can be avoided that is often the best solution to support the delivery of a project. Our experts have provided expert advice to support the avoidance of problems and the recovery from the problems suffered on projects ranging from high profile tall towers in London to rail extension projects in Europe.

Construction Performance and Dispute Avoidance examples

  • University District Development

    Phase 1 of the North West Cambridge Development comprised the development of a new district for the University of Cambridge on a 150 hectare site. The first phase of the development involved the delivery of: – Major infrastructure (roads, landscaping & public space and underground utility networks); – Common facilities (Community Centre, Primary School, Nursery, Supermarket and Retail Units); plus – Housing for University and College Staff, Post Graduate Students and Housing to Market.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided independent, technical and strategic project management advice and project progress monitoring in order to assist the University’s management team in minimising key project risks.

  • Commercial Mix-use Premises

    Multi-story building that underwent substantial structural and internal refurbishment by the landlord while the existing sitting tenant ran a successful business from the ground-floor premises. The tenant took proceedings against the landlord for disruption due to extended duration of the works.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided an independent expert report on good project management practice for a project of this type, and what would be traditionally expected by contractors on similar projects.

  • Mineral Processing Plant

    Mineral processing plant on the site of an open-cut copper mine.

    Blackrock Expert Services was required to evaluate the performance of an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor and prepare a report for an LCIA Arbitration.

  • Listed Building

    A live £45 million listed building fit-out in a major city centre.

    Blackrock Expert Services was required to provide independent, technical and strategic project management advice and progress monitoring to aid with construction management and dispute avoidance.