Prolongation and Extension of Time

Our experts have provided delay and quantum expert witness advice on claims for extension of time in respect of prolongation on projects ranging from office towers in the Middle East to specialist mechanical and electrical laboratory installations within the UK.

Prolongation and Extension of Time examples

  • Building Refurbishment

    Appointed as Adjudicator in a dispute regarding breach of contract and payment of notified sums.

    Refurbishment of a Grade II listed private house, and the construction of a single storey front basement and single storey rear basement. The project including mechanical and electrical services and external works in central London. Key issues analysed included entitlement to extensions of time, partial possession dates and their effect on the parties obligations and liabilities and the date on which practical completion was achieved.

  • Biogas Plant

    Advisory services for waste-to-energy facility feeding national grid.

    Provided advisory services relating to a biomethane-to-grid project in South West England. The 1MW anaerobic digestion (AD) facility is designed to convert organic materials from local food and agricultural waste into gas and electricity, feeding biogas directly into the UK national grid as renewable bio-methane. Reviewed Contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time, which had a direct bearing on the validity of the termination of the contract, following equipment issues and crop feedstock deficiencies.

  • Rail Project

    Adjudication related to extension of time claim on the construction of a train maintenance depot.

    Produced an independent expert report on the project delay for an Adjudication hearing on an extension of time claim. The works involved engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of a of a train maintenance depot, satellite sidings, head shunt and an accommodation block. Key issues included limited access and limited working hours due to isolation problems.

  • Leisure & Youth Centre

    Delay analysis for a leisure and youth centre development.

    Prepared an independent expert report analysing the critical delay incurred in preparation for a pending ICC Arbitration. The dispute arose as a result of delay and disruption to the project.