Delay, Disruption and Acceleration

It is unfortunate that projects suffer delivery problems and can fall behind schedule. When they do, our experts have provided expert witness advice on the causes of delay and disruption, and mitigation steps such as acceleration and resequencing, as well as the associated quantum, on projects ranging from large power stations to high end retail developments.



Delay, Disruption and Acceleration examples

  • Mixed-use Skyscraper

    A multi-storey mixed-use development in the UAE, consisting of a complex of three towers, where the project was terminated following slow progress to the works.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed as both programming and quantum expert to investigate the delay to each of the contractual milestones, and the incurred costs.

  • University District Development

    Phase 1 of the North West Cambridge Development comprised the development of a new district for the University of Cambridge on a 150 hectare site. The first phase of the development involved the delivery of: – Major infrastructure (roads, landscaping & public space and underground utility networks); – Common facilities (Community Centre, Primary School, Nursery, Supermarket and Retail Units); plus – Housing for University and College Staff, Post Graduate Students and Housing to Market.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided independent, technical and strategic project management advice and project progress monitoring in order to assist the University’s management team in minimising key project risks.

  • Piping Refurbishment

    On-shore to off-shore piping refurbishment for tanker loading from an oil refinery, where the project experienced design issues.

    Blackrock Expert Services advised our client on how to construct its statement of case.

  • Biogas Plant

    Biogas plant to convert waste material into gas to be supplied to the national grid, where the project experienced equipment issues and feedstock deficiencies.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided a preliminary review of the contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time, which had a direct bearing on the validity of the termination of the contract.