IT Group UK Limited

IT Group UK Limited

IT Group is a leading independent provider of professional consultancy for IT disputes, digital forensics and electronic disclosure services.

IT Group’s grounding as expert witnesses in contentious IT and technology matters has led to the development of a bespoke set of services that combines collective disciplines in IT and high technology consultancy, digital forensic science and litigation support.

Broad technical skills, interlinked with a thorough understanding of the legal sector, enable IT Group to provide objective and strategic advice to clients dealing with a range of IT and technology-related disputes – from product and safety assessments to complex £ multi-million IT project disputes.

The examination of computer systems necessary for this work led quickly to the development of complementary specialisms in data collection, digital forensic analysis and electronic disclosure.

IT Group is spearheaded by Tony Sykes and Jason Coyne, both of whom have over 25 years of experience giving evidence in the High Court (TCC), Magistrates, Crown and County Courts, in connection with company litigation and forensic investigations as well as arbitrations and mediations globally.

Engagement in some of the world’s largest IT disputes has provided a platform from which IT Group can provide technology-based consultancy into the construction industry.

The bringing together of Blackrock’s extensive construction industry experience and IT Group’s electrical engineering and IT prowess will provide an unparalleled fusion of complementary skills and expertise enabling us to offer a full service to referring law firms involved in dispute resolution and their clients across the world.

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