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Projects from this location

  • Residential Development

    Remediation works to fire and subsequently flood damaged residential development.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to advise on the costs which related to fire damage, the costs which related to flood damage, and the reasonableness of the costs incurred.

  • Wind Farm

    30Mw on-shore wind farm.

    Blackrock Expert Services produced an independent expert report for an Adjudication regarding project delay and an extension of time claim.

  • Art Gallery

    Extension of an iconic art gallery with a complex facade.

    Blackrock Expert Services’ independent expert advice was used for negotiations with the subcontractor regarding facade design, construction issues, and contractual amendments.

  • Rail Project

    Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) rail project including the construction of a train maintenance depot, satellite sidings, head shunt and an accommodation block. Key issues included limited access and limited working hours due to isolation problems.

    Blackrock Expert Services produced an independent expert report on the project delay for an Adjudication hearing on an extension of time claim.

Projects from this location

  • Piping Refurbishment

    On-shore to off-shore piping refurbishment for tanker loading from an oil refinery, where the project experienced design issues.

    Blackrock Expert Services advised our client on how to construct its statement of case.

  • Underground Civils Works

    Construction of the main underground civils works to a pumped-storage power station, including intake pipework, power house complexes and mains access tunnels. Key issues included: NEC principle dispute on valuation methodology; challenge to adjudicator’s decisions; and disputed variations.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed to provide quantum independent expert witness services.

  • Airport Terminal & Links

    Construction of a new terminal and links to an existing airport, where the project was terminated.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to provide a claims analysis regarding which payments had been made and how much work had been completed by the contractor before suspension of the works.

  • Closed Cycle Power Plant

    Conversion of an open cycle power plant into closed cycle power plant by installing a steam turbine to work alongside the two existing gas turbines. Key issues included complex concurrency between an employer delay event and a contractor delay event, and uncertainty about the status of the works due to project being live and the works being underwater.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided a detailed review and critique of the opposing party’s expert report, as well as a time impact analysis of the project delays.

Projects from this location

  • Multi-purpose off-shore vessel

    Design and build of a multi-purpose off-shore construction vessel, where design and programme delays led to eventual termination of the contract by the employer.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to produce a critical path analysis and delay and quantum independent expert reports on the issues experienced during the project.

  • Power Station

    A large, greenfield, coal-fired power plant project.

    David Barry was appointed as part of a dispute Adjudication board (DAB); an impartial and independent panel appointed to give decisions on and settle disputes, throughout the course of the project.

Projects from this location

  • Mixed-use Skyscraper

    A multi-storey mixed-use development in the UAE, consisting of a complex of three towers, where the project was terminated following slow progress to the works.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed as both programming and quantum expert to investigate the delay to each of the contractual milestones, and the incurred costs.

  • On-shore Oil Tank Farm

    Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of an on-shore oil tank farm with associated pump station, substation, control and administration buildings, and truck loading facilities with a net capacity of 630,000m³, together with a jetty extending 1.5 km offshore including all topside facilities, mooring and loading platforms, marine loading arms (MLAs) and associated pipework and civils works. The works were also to include necessary soil investigations, pile testing, dredging and partial reclamation of the shore to accommodate jetty support facilities.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to produce an independent expert report on the issues of: variations; extension of time; design changes; and delay.

  • International Airport

    Supply and installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) works to a major international airport, where key issues included: termination of the MEP subcontractor; disputed valuation of the works at termination; delay and disruption; and loss of office overheads.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed to produce a quantum independent expert report for an Arbitration hearing regarding termination of the project and valuation of the works.

  • Gas Liquefaction Plant

    A gas liquefaction plant where a dispute arose between the Main Contractor and one of their Subcontractors on a re-measurement contract.

    Blackrock Expert Services was required to ascertain the relevant, contemporaneous documentation, analyse multiple heads of claim, and comment on incorrect claimed values.

    Through a clear and concise expert report, and efficient and comprehensible responses under cross examination, the tribunal was able to make well-reasoned decisions and adopted the values and opinions put forward by Blackrock Expert Services.


Projects from this location

Projects from this location

Projects from this location