Infrastructure & Transport

This sector provides services which allow a community to sustain, enable and enhance their situation while allowing the carriage of goods, and people. Our experts provide advice on a wide variety of projects and offer advice on aspects relating to bridges, tunnels, railway services, railway stations, loading docks, water supply, telecommunications and so much more.  Our experts work on these projects across the world in locations such as Romania, London, Turkey and Russia.

Infrastructure & Transportation examples

  • Rail Project

    Adjudication related to extension of time claim on the construction of a train maintenance depot.

    Produced an independent expert report on the project delay for an Adjudication hearing on an extension of time claim. The works involved engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of a of a train maintenance depot, satellite sidings, head shunt and an accommodation block. Key issues included limited access and limited working hours due to isolation problems.

  • Waste Water Plant

    Construction of a waste water plant in the UK.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to assess the overrun of costs due to construction defects.

  • Major Roadway

    Construction of a major roadway, where key issues included: disputed measurement of bills; termination of the main contractor; and disputed variations.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed to produce a quantum independent expert report for the contractor when the dispute progressed to an ICC Arbitration.

  • Town Centre Transportation Package

    Roadway refurbishment undertaken on a live road network.

    Blackrock Expert Services prepared an independent expert report on the project delay and extension of time entitlement for an Adjudication hearing.