Hospitality & Leisure

The hospitality/leisure sector is an area which our experts have great experience in.  Whether it is for defective works to a leisure centre, valuation of an interim payment or evaluation of claims for delay, disruption and additional costs our experts have the experience to provide services to clients within this sector.

Hospitality & Leisure examples

  • Leisure & Youth Centre

    Delay analysis for a leisure and youth centre development.

    Prepared an independent expert report analysing the critical delay incurred in preparation for a pending ICC Arbitration. The dispute arose as a result of delay and disruption to the project.

  • Art Gallery

    Extension of an iconic art gallery with a complex facade.

    Independent expert advice used for negotiations with the subcontractor regarding facade design, construction issues, and contractual amendments.

  • Modularised Hotel

    Delay analysis helps resolve disruption issues on iconic modularised hotel.

    Appointed to perform expert quantum and delay services relating to the US$30m construction of a modularised hotel at a seaside resort on the south coast of England. The seven-storey building, comprising 215 hotel rooms and 29 apartments, used a lightweight modular construction system to save on costs and materials. Reviewed issues relating to scope changes, prepared daily design, manufacture and installation ‘as-built’ programme, and produced and analysed detailed progress curves for an adjudication hearing.

  • Commercial Mix-use Development

    Construction of a mixed-use development containing a hotel, apartments and a shopping mall.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed to provide quantum independent expert advice on disputed variations, extension of time costs, and final account measurements.