Oil & Gas

This sector is partly related to the off-shore sector, however due to the scale of work conducted by our experts, this is a sector in its own right.  Our experts have advised on projects worldwide including in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and India.  Aspects advised on include oil refineries, oil and gas pipelines, and oil fields.

Oil & Gas examples

  • Piping Refurbishment

    On-shore to off-shore piping refurbishment for tanker loading from an oil refinery, where the project experienced design issues.

    Blackrock Expert Services advised our client on how to construct its statement of case.

  • On-shore Oil Tank Farm

    Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of an on-shore oil tank farm with associated pump station, substation, control and administration buildings, and truck loading facilities with a net capacity of 630,000m³, together with a jetty extending 1.5 km offshore including all topside facilities, mooring and loading platforms, marine loading arms (MLAs) and associated pipework and civils works. The works were also to include necessary soil investigations, pile testing, dredging and partial reclamation of the shore to accommodate jetty support facilities.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to produce an independent expert report on the issues of: variations; extension of time; design changes; and delay.

  • Gas Liquefaction Plant

    A gas liquefaction plant where a dispute arose between the Main Contractor and one of their Subcontractors on a re-measurement contract.

    Blackrock Expert Services was required to ascertain the relevant, contemporaneous documentation, analyse multiple heads of claim, and comment on incorrect claimed values.

    Through a clear and concise expert report, and efficient and comprehensible responses under cross examination, the tribunal was able to make well-reasoned decisions and adopted the values and opinions put forward by Blackrock Expert Services.


  • Oil & Gas Processing Plant

    High value construction project involving six initial production facilities to process crude oil, water and gas from wells on three different sites, to increase the oil production capacity of an oil field development.

    Blackrock Expert Services prepared a report which reviewed the approach and methodology of the opposing party’s delay analysis.  Further to this review, Blackrock Expert Services identified the flaws and inconsistencies within the opposing delay analysis report and provided comments on our Client’s internal analysis of the same issues.