Energy & Renewables

With increasing investment, global awareness and technological advancements this sector has been growing rapidly.  Our experts have provided expert services on worldwide renewable and energy related projects, from power stations, to waste plants and wind farms.

Energy & Renewables examples

  • Southern African Hydro Scheme

    Quantum support for eco-friendly Southern African hydro scheme.

    Instructed to provide quantum expert services for underground civils works associated with a US$3.5bn pumped-storage power station in an extremely sensitive ecosystem in Southern Africa. The 1,332MW hydroelectric scheme comprises upper and lower dams 4.6km apart, connected by underground waterways passing through a subterranean power house with 4 x 333MW generators. Key issues investigated included NEC principle dispute on valuation methodology, challenge to adjudicator’s decisions, and disputed variations.

  • Biogas Plant

    Advisory services for waste-to-energy facility feeding national grid.

    Provided advisory services relating to a biomethane-to-grid project in South West England. The 1MW anaerobic digestion (AD) facility is designed to convert organic materials from local food and agricultural waste into gas and electricity, feeding biogas directly into the UK national grid as renewable bio-methane. Reviewed Contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time, which had a direct bearing on the validity of the termination of the contract, following equipment issues and crop feedstock deficiencies.

  • Closed Cycle Power Plant

    Delay issues resolved on West African thermal power plant expansion.

    Appointed as expert to resolve complex, concurrent delay issues on a US$325m combined-cycle power plant expansion project on the coast of Western Africa, the region’s first independent power plant. Expansion involved the addition of two heat recovery steam generators, a steam turbine generator and a seawater desalination plant, increasing plant capacity from 220MW to 330MW. Issues included concurrent Employer and Contractor delay events and uncertainty about the status of ‘live’ project works.

  • Combined Cycle Power Plant

    A combined cycle electricity power plant and desalination facility.

    With over $200 million in dispute, Blackrock Expert Services analysed the project delays and produced an independent expert report for an ICC Arbitration.