Energy & Renewables

With increasing investment, global awareness and technological advancements this sector has been growing rapidly.  Our experts have provided expert services on worldwide renewable and energy related projects, from power stations, to waste plants and wind farms.

Energy & Renewables examples

  • Biogas Plant

    Biogas plant to convert waste material into gas to be supplied to the national grid, where the project experienced equipment issues and feedstock deficiencies.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided a preliminary review of the contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time, which had a direct bearing on the validity of the termination of the contract.

  • Underground Civils Works

    Construction of the main underground civils works to a pumped-storage power station, including intake pipework, power house complexes and mains access tunnels. Key issues included: NEC principle dispute on valuation methodology; challenge to adjudicator’s decisions; and disputed variations.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed to provide quantum independent expert witness services.

  • Closed Cycle Power Plant

    Conversion of an open cycle power plant into closed cycle power plant by installing a steam turbine to work alongside the two existing gas turbines. Key issues included complex concurrency between an employer delay event and a contractor delay event, and uncertainty about the status of the works due to project being live and the works being underwater.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided a detailed review and critique of the opposing party’s expert report, as well as a time impact analysis of the project delays.

  • Combined Cycle Power Plant

    A combined cycle electricity power plant and desalination facility.

    With over $200 million in dispute, Blackrock Expert Services analysed the project delays and produced an independent expert report for an ICC Arbitration.