Blackrock Expert Services’s Delay team delivers independent expert advice on matters of delay and disruption, programme management, planning and programming and construction project management in construction and engineering disputes globally. Our Delay Experts provide independent expert determination and expert witness services in all dispute resolution forums including litigation, arbitration, adjudication and mediation.

Blackrock Expert Services has extensive international experience, having been appointed as Delay Experts on many world-stage, high-prestige projects. Blackrock Expert Services’s Delay Experts take pride in their deliverables, providing an independent, robust product with a market leading reputation for quality.

Key Projects

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  • Building Refurbishment

    Refurbishment of existing buildings into a distillery, including associated mechanical and electrical (M&E) works.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed as Adjudicator in a dispute regarding breach of contract and payment of notified sums.

  • Leisure & Youth Centre

    A leisure and youth centre development where a dispute arose regarding delay and disruption to the project.

    Blackrock Expert Services prepared an independent expert report analysing the critical delay incurred in preparation for a pending ICC Arbitration.

  • Commercial Mix-use Premises

    Multi-story building that underwent substantial structural and internal refurbishment by the landlord while the existing sitting tenant ran a successful business from the ground-floor premises. The tenant took proceedings against the landlord for disruption due to extended duration of the works.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided an independent expert report on good project management practice for a project of this type, and what would be traditionally expected by contractors on similar projects.

  • Coal-fired Power Plant

    A three unit, coal-fired power plant, with each unit of the plant comprising a circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler with a high pressure superheated steam capacity and a steam turbine generator.

    Blackrock Expert Services analysed the project delays and produced an independent expert report for an ICC Arbitration.