Blackrock Expert Services’s Delay team delivers independent expert advice on matters of delay and disruption, programme management, planning and programming and construction project management in construction and engineering disputes globally. Our Delay Experts provide independent expert determination and expert witness services in all dispute resolution forums including litigation, arbitration, adjudication and mediation.

Blackrock Expert Services has extensive international experience, having been appointed as Delay Experts on many world-stage, high-prestige projects. Blackrock Expert Services’s Delay Experts take pride in their deliverables, providing an independent, robust product with a market leading reputation for quality.

Key Projects

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  • High-end Residential Accommodation

    Refurbishment of an eight-storey hotel into a high-end residential accommodation in a prime city centre location. The existing roof and level-eight structure were to be demolished, with two new steel framed timber floors added. As part of the scheme the facade was to be retained, and a live business on the ground floor was to remain unaffected throughout the project. Key issues included: steel design; unknown existing structural defects; and complex design issues.

    Blackrock Expert Services provided an independent expert opinion as to what extent mitigation measures implemented by the contractor contributed, or not, to the remediate project delay.

  • Mail Centre

    Building refurbishments on a mail centre, which was previously operated as one of the largest mail sorting centres in the world.

    Blackrock Expert Services was appointed to produce a delay expert report for an Adjudication hearing.

  • Industrial Research Facility

    Complex building envelope for a large petroleum research facility.

    Blackrock Expert Services prepared an independent expert report and analysis of critical delay and disruption for an ICC Arbitration hearing.

  • Port Container Terminal

    A three phase extension of a container terminal including construction of a new jetty and upgrading of the existing wharf, which was terminated.

    Blackrock Expert Services was instructed to produce delay and quantum independent expert reports on: project delay and disruption; costs incurred pursuant to termination; and post termination costs.