We carry out expert analysis of all aspects of technology and telecommunications programme delivery.

Our team has worked on some on the world’s largest IT disputes. With hands-on experience across the delivery lifecycle and in multiple industries, we advise on a wide variety of client and supplier failures in relation to IT systems and software. Typically, we analyse and measure issues such as delay, overspend, best practice and fitness for purpose. In an advisory capacity, our team has been instrumental in delivering major transformational projects.

We can be involved at every stage of a dispute, from the initial identification of technical issues and the writing of CPR-compliant expert witness reports to the provision of oral testimony in formal proceedings. We also offer pre-action advice to help avoid disputes and to inform negotiations.

Additional areas of expertise include providing opinion on whether warranties relating to technical deliveries, IT systems and licensing have been breached, advisory services in intellectual property disputes and electronic disclosure and digital forensic services.

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